Hydrotherapy For Dogs

Written on 8 October 2013.

 Today I have taken my dog for her first hydrotherapy session after a major operation for a slipped disc.  She injured herself just over three weeks ago and first started limping with her back left leg, then she was unable to walk at all.  What was particularly shocking was the suddenness.  One minute she is running around happily, and then next she is having trouble walking.  We took her to the vets the same day and she stayed there overnight.  She then went for scans and was diagnosed as having a slipped disc.  A major operation was necessary. It has taken her about three weeks to be able to go for a five minute walk each day and now she has started a course of hydro therapy to aid her recovery.  The pictures below illustrate the hydrotherapy session.




I would like to present my profound thanks to all the staff at Calder Vets for looking after Tilly they have really helped her.  They know her by name and I believe they know all their patients by name.  Calder Vets is a truly caring environment for poorly pets or ones who have been injured.


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