The Coming Information Revolution

It is around this time each year that I get the latest issue of The World In series, published by The Economist. THIS webpage and THIS one give information about The World In 2013 to give you an idea about what I am talking about. I find it both entertaining and informative to read people’s thoughts about what the next year may have in store for us. The other day I came across a very interesting presentation entitled Workplace 2020 Keynote at Leadership Summit 2013 by Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer at Dachis. This looks a timespan greater than a single year but I found it interesting for similar reasons and therefore thought that I would share it here. It looks at the accelerating pace of technological change and how computer use will change by 2020

Workplace 2020 Keynote at Leadership Summit 2013 from Dion Hinchcliffe

It seems from looking at this presentation that change will become even more rapid and fundamental than it is today. This may result in institutional transformations on a scale that have never been known. Institutions that interest groups have taken decades to control may become irrelevant or disappear overnight. The technological changes outlined will, inevitably, have a massive impact on us bloggers as well as on how NGO’s and grassroots groups can impact on policy at local, national, and international level. It seems like the ‘Global Village’ may be transformed into the ‘Global Hamlet’ or even ‘Global House’.

It looks like the years ahead will be interesting.


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