Scarlett Johansson Makes a Stand Against Bullying Sanctions Movement

Written on 2 February 2014

2008 12 16_0257
Above: Israel – View from Mount Carmel

I’ve just been reading an article on the Telegraph website by Brendan O’Neill about Scarlett Johansson.  I feel compelled to put fingers to keyboard to commend her on her decision of to give her role with Oxfam the big elbow after the charity allegedly ‘hinted’ that she should sever her links with SodaStreamdue to the company’s links with Israeli settlements.

Personally I think Oxfam should focus on its charity role rather than engage in the politics of the trendy, politics which involves very nasty attempts to bully and demonise the only true functioning and well established democracy in the Middle East.  Trade Unions should perhaps do the same and concentrate on representing their members in these difficult times.

There is too much bullying behaviour by Cultural Marxist types who seem to vent their spite on anything remotely Western or democratic these days.  Oxfam’s apparent attempt to ‘get to’ Scarlett in some way seems to me to fit their modus operandi.  Israel as a functioning Western style democracy obviously upsets them.   Good to see someone standing up to them rather than being intimidated by them.

Are charities really champions of the needy, or are they champions of a the dangerous Cultural Marxist political ideology that seeks to undermine the Western world?

Well done Scarlett!

See Brendan O’Neill’s article HERE.


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