Uganda and the West’s Inconsistent Approach to Gay Rights

Written on 24 February 2014.


It is good that Western leaders are criticizing Uganda for this new anti-gay law. However, where is the criticism of the West’s Middle Eastern ally – Saudi Arabia? Where are the calls for the ending of diplomatic relations with that country as well?

It seems that the concern about anti-gay laws is inconsistent.  Why is that, and is this current criticism about something else?  Does the reference in the article to “evangelical Christians” give the real game away?  The Guardian writes:

“Homophobia, supported by many US-funded evangelical Christians, has become more virulent in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa.” (1)

Does this explain the willingness to do the right thing with regard to Uganda, but the unwillingness to do the same thing with regard to Saudi Arabia.  Of course there are obviously no evangelical Christians preaching openly in Saudi Arabia!  Is this latest moral indignation just part of the Western elite’s ongoing crusade against Christianity?

If Western elites really cared about gay rights then they would be more consistent in their criticism.

(1) Uganda politicians celebrate passing of anti-gay laws, the Guardian, 24 February 2014



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