Tour De Yorkshire Starts in Sandal

Stage 3 of the 2015 Tour de Yorkshire began near Sandal Cricket ground on Barnsley Road today.  I thought I’d go down and have a look and perhaps take some photos. Prior to the start of the race, the riders rode through Wakefield city centre, though I missed that as I was camped out in Sandal near The Castle Pub waiting for the official start.

The starting point was in fact quite close to the spot where Richard of York famously gave battle in vain. I am sure the competitors had to fight their own battle against fatigue on the grueling course ahead.

The ride past was over in about 10 seconds, as seen in the video below, as it was the beginning of the race and the riders were all bunched together. Quite a lot of locals turned out to watch. These photos were taken from across the road from the Castle pub on Barnsley Road.


I took the following photographs:

Crowds gather near the starting point at the cricket club.



Road officially closed, though cars were allowed for quite a while before the race.


Spectators near Sandal Church.

Crowds line the road.


Outrider ahead of “the pack”.


Riders approaching.


The race goes by.

TourDeYorkshire SANDAL

TourDeYorkshire SANDAL 2

TourDeYorkshire SANDAL 3

Riders are over the hills and far away – spectators begin to move on.



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