If You Value Freedom and Democracy, Your Only Option is to Vote to Leave the European Union


British sovereignty should reside in its democratic institutions

I Just read THIS article on The Express website about the likelihood of The Netherlands and the Czech Republic voting to leave the EU. I really hope this happens.

The serious likelihood that the EU could break up anyway is something for British voters to consider seriously. The EU fails because it has no legitimacy and refuses to change. Cameron’s so-called renegotiation, that changes nothing fundamental, confirms this sad but indisputable fact. What is the point voting to remain in an organisation, that ultimately, thanks to its internal contradictions, is destined to collapse in any case (the EU can only abuse its own people for so long!). This is what risk averse British voters should consider. It is safer to leave the EU if you value stability and security. The future of the EU is a future of chaos and collapse. To stay in the EU would mean that Britain, the British people, and British business would have an uncertain future.

I actually used to be pro EU and was a member of the European Movement. However I have since realised that the EU is an anti democratic institution that is a threat to our most basic freedoms. Furthermore rather than acting, as it should, to be a voice for ordinary Europeans and their champion in the world it acts against their interests at every opportunity. To the EU, the people of Europe are seen as the enemy, an obstacle to be overcome, rather than the reason for the union’s existence.

I still think that a politically united Europe would be a good thing, but it would have to be a democracy. The EU is run by the unelected Commission, and Parliament is just a rubber stamping operation. I could never support an EU unless the Commission was abolished and all executive power passed to the Parliament. This would have been my key demand for ‘renegotiation’ if I was David Cameron rather than the meaningless nonsense that he, Neville Chamberlain-like, announced as a major victory and a reason to remain in the EU. This is something the EU establishment would never agree to so the only alternative is for countries to leave the EU – that is the only way to preserve a democratic way of life!

A Europe run by the EU is a recipe for dictatorship. While it exists in its current form, it will only represent elite interests and ordinary people will always be its victims rather than its beneficiaries. The sooner the EU is abolished completely the better! All people who value democracy, whatever EU state in which they reside, should campaign to have their countries leave the EU. Good luck to the Dutch and the Czechs in their quest to restore their freedom.


A must watch video for all freedom loving Europeans.

The Brussels Business: Who Runs the European Union?


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