Kim-Trump Summit In Singapore


With my long standing interest in international relations I couldn’t let today’s events go past without making a comment, even though I am on an Italian beach.

To day is a very important day for international relations, and the Kim-Trump summit appears to have made an important start to bringing a deep and lasting peace to the Korean peninsular. This will be of great comfort to all the surrounding countries including China and Japan. Hopefully, the Korean War will now finally come to a permanent end with a formal peace treaty coming into force to move beyond the current armistice arrangements.

A bridge between great powers?: In the broader strategic context a rapprochement between the US and North Korea may also bring China and the US to a state of greater understanding and friendliness.  They have a joint interest in the Korean peninsular and lasting stability will be impossible without the involvement of both. A joint approach to creating a stable regional settlement that recognises both China’s interest as an emerging superpower while at the same time assuaging the fears of the smaller countries that neighbour China, both on land and maritime boundaries, about perceived threats to their sovereignty and independence. It looks like there are potentially better times ahead for the region as a whole.


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