Harriet Tubman – A Fine Choice For The $20 Bill

Harriet_Tubman_Civil_War_Woodcut-300px-wideI must admit, until this week I had never heard of Harriet Tubman. I am not an American so have a bit of an excuse about not previously knowing anything about the first African American women to appear on a US bank note.

She was born into slavery but after escaping, perhaps motivated by her strong Christian faith, devoted her life to helping others escape and build meaningful lives for themselves. She was later involved in the campaign for women’s sufferage.

I think she is a worthy choice for commemoration on the $20 bill. It is not because she is a woman or that she is an African American, it is because what she did was right. She stood up to tyranny, took personal risks for the sake of others and was unwavering in her cause. Her place on the banknote was earned on pure merit. She is an inspiration to all those who stand up to current vested interests who use their power oppress others.

As a campaigner for women’s suffrgage she is very relevant to the present day where democracy is gradually being subverted under the pressures of globalisation. In America and in countries around the world large corporations can buy politicians via the lobbying process and manipulate opinion via their control of the media. We live in a world of backroom deals and legislation by treaty, a world where the simple vote has become a debased currency. It is a world where currency itself is debased due to the hidden machinations of our system of central banks which often amount to organised officially sanctioned theft (her presence on the $20 bill in this sense is rather ironic).

We live in a world where cherished freedoms are being eroded, the kind of basic freedoms that were hard won by people like Harriet Tubman. Her presence on the $20 bill will be an ever present reminder of the idea that the only antidote to tyranny is eternal vigilance.

Harriet Tubman provides a lesson on how a person from humble origins and limited, or even non-existent means, can achieve great things. She also reminds us that freedom isn’t free and that to be free often requires real effort and sometimes even personal sacrifice.


Vote Leave is a Vote for Democracy


Great Britain’s Ancient Tradition of Parliamentary Democracy – Don’t Let It Come To An End! Source: Commons.Wikimedia

Forget the lists of figures, the lies, damn lies and statistics, the desperate cobbled together equations purporting to represent a future reality, the propaganda leaflet published at public expense and even the childish name calling that has now started. The main question that people need to ask themselves in this referendum is whether they want to live in a democracy.

If you want to live in a democracy then the EU is not for you. The executive (ruling) institution of the EU is the unelected, anti democratic European Commission. If you want to live in a democracy where you elect your leaders then you need to vote to leave. The European Commission is the elephant in the room that the Bremainers want to hide. People complain that the House of Lords should be elected, but they ignore the unelected European Commission which has far more power and influence on our daily lives.

Cameron’s so called renegotiation deliberately ignored this elephant and tried to blind us with irrelevance instead. If Europe is to be genuinely reformed the European Commission would either become an elected institution or be abolished. Neither option is on the cards and never will be!

A vote to remain in the EU is therefore an unrepeatable experiment, you will never be able to truly choose the actual decision makers ever again. The real rulers will remain the remote and unknown men in black, skulking in the shadows and pulling the strings. The Bremainers will try to frighten you with short term fears but those pale in comparison to the dangers of the long term inside the EU.

It must be remembered that it was Britain with its parliamentary democracy and ancient constitution which brought freedom to Europe and not the other way around and it was Britain that saved Europe from Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler. Perhaps Brexit will help save Europe from itself once again. It might actually give the rest of the European people a new voice and help them shake off the anti democratic yoke too.

Think in the long term not the short. It is better to suffer some minor short term difficulties, that may or may not come to pass, than to risk long term oblivion. Staying in the EU is far too risky. No EU member state, perhaps with the exception of Denmark, have the ancient traditions of democracy that we have.

Don’t sacrifice our democracy, your children and grandchildren will not forgive you – Vote Leave!

Boris Johnson Addresses Vote Leave Campaign in Leeds

Boris Johnson addressing the Vote Leave campaign earlier today in Leeds.

Above: Boris Johnson addressing the Vote Leave campaign earlier today in Leeds.

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds provided the bold back drop for Boris Johnson’s address to Yorkshire’s leave campaign. He addressed a packed audience of people from different political backgrounds but with one aim, to help ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union following the Referendum on 23 June. The speech was inspiring, it was witty, but it was on a very serious and important subject.

The speech had a significant focus on restoring something that Britain has lost since it has been a member of the EU – namely, democracy. He put forward an outward looking international vision for a Britain outside the confines of the EU.

I intended to broadcast his speech via Periscope but there were some technical problems. However I still managed to record the bulk of his speech and this can be seen below:


This 24 June we will celebrate our British Independence Day:

Bring an end to EU tyranny and antidemocratic vice – make sure you Vote Leave so you can celebrate your independence and freedom on 24 June and for every year thereafter!


What Is The OIC Doing About Religious Persecution In Libya?

Original location of this article: http://www.libertiesalliance.org/2013/02/25/what-is-the-oic-doing-about-religious-persecution-in-libya/ (ICLA, 25/02/2013)



The new Western backed regime in Libya is engaged in open state sanctioned religious discrimination. According to The Guardian (1) arrests have been made due to the ‘crime’ of preaching Christianity. The Guardian article states:

“Four foreigners have been arrested in Libya on suspicion of being missionaries and distributing Christian literature, a charge that could carry the death penalty.”

It must be remembered that Libya is a member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) (2), an organisation that chooses to lecture the whole world about religious freedom. This situation in Libya is yet another example of how the OIC is not really in favour of religious freedom. It also demonstrates clearly that Western nations who support the OIC are either gullible or complicit in the OIC’s plans to destroy both freedom of expression and authentic freedom of religion.

The OIC’s intention with regard to UNHRC Resolution 16/18 is to protect what it regards as the only true religion, Islam, and to propagate sharia across the world. If the persecution of religious minorities that is allowed in some OIC member states is anything to go by the OIC does not care about religious freedom at all.

Western Governments who pander to the OIC are encouraging religious persecution in OIC countries. They are also encouraging the persecution of non-Muslims in Western countries. The untold suffering that Western governments are causing in this regard should be a source of eternal shame to them. The United Kingdom recently was granted observer status at the OIC (3) and as a result gave legitimacy to this organisation, its acts, and omissions. The UK has become an OIC lapdog. We have heard of no public statements from the UK Government criticising the OIC for the religious persecution that it allows in its member states.

The title of UNHRC Resolution 16/18 that the OIC has been peddling in the name of religious freedom reads as follows (the full text can be found HERE):

“Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against, persons based on religion or belief” (4)

According to The Middle East Forum (MFE) (5), the justification given for this outrageous persecution is that preaching Christianity is regarded as a threat to national security. It quotes Libyan security official Hussein Bin Hmeid as follows:

“Proselytizing is forbidden in Libya. We are a 100% Muslim country and this kind of action affects our national security.”

As the MFE article points out, Libya has not always been a 100% Muslim country, it was once Christian just like many in the Western world today. Western citizens are increasingly being bullied into accepting sharia compliance. The attitude of Libya shows quite clearly why Westerners who are demonised by their own Governments are right to be concerned about the spread of sharia.

Surely the actions of the Libya authorities in this case amounts to negative stereotyping of a religion (that is assuming that Islam is not the only true religion in the world) with regard to UNHRC 16/18. Surely it means that Christianity is stigmatized in Libya! Surely it is a clear example of religious discrimination! Furthermore it is not an individual member of the public that is doing this but the state itself.

Perhaps, in the spirit of Interfaith Dialogue instead of persecuting religious minorities, OIC countries should be actively encouraging religions other than Islam. After all, Western Governments are actively promoting Islam in their territories. It would not mean that Islamic countries should be as zealous in such promotion as their Western counterparts. After all, Western Governments are promoting Islam even to the point of persecuting those who question the wisdom of such policies – an approach that is clearly morally repugnant. It seems very clear that interfaith ‘dialogue’ is currently only a one way process. Perhaps it is the corruption associated with the ‘oil weapon’ that is to blame. However, that weapon would be ineffective if we had truly honourable politicians in the West whose one and only concern was the welfare of their people. Alas, that seems not to be the case.

ICLA calls upon the UK Government to use its OIC observer status to demand that the OIC acts to deal with the blatant religious discrimination that goes on within its member states. Specifically the UK Government should publically demand that proselytization of all religious be allowed in OIC member states.

We call upon the OIC to demonstrate in clear terms that they support freedom of religion and that when they say this they do not regard Islam as the only true religion. We invite them to tell us specifically what they are doing to combat religious intolerance in OIC member states.

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Original location of this article: http://www.libertiesalliance.org/2013/02/25/what-is-the-oic-doing-about-religious-persecution-in-libya/